When we empower people in our supply chain, they’re able to achieve their full potential, lifting up their families and communities in the process. Two of our most effective partnerships with global nonprofit organizations are with HERproject and VisionSpring.

We exceeded our goal to reach more than 100,000+ workers by the end of 2020. Image: Pottery Barn.


HERproject empowers low-income women through workplace programs promoting health, financial inclusion, and positive gender relationships. Through our partnership with HERproject, we have so far provided over 63,000 factory workers throughout Asia with education programs for health, financial literacy and gender equality. We focus on three workplace programs: building confidence and knowledge through training; strengthening and streamlining systems; and expanding access to products and services, such as health clinics and formal bank accounts.

Results have proven that when women have enhanced ability and agency to take charge of their own lives, they become agents of effective workplace change. By fostering inclusive work environments, women create more ethical and productive businesses.

A worker receives a free eye exam on the island of Bohol in the Philippines. Image: West Elm.


VisionSpring provides low-income workers with easy, affordable access to eyewear and exams—a crucial element of care for weavers, artisans and anyone whose vision affects their ability to earn a living and support a family. Since the program began in 2016, we’ve provided exams and eyewear to over 23,000 makers in India, Nepal, Vietnam and the Philippines.

By the end of 2020, we impacted over 100,000 workers’ lives through similar initiatives. Through our partnerships with VisionSpring and HERproject, we can best invest in the people who make our products, increasing their access to economic opportunity, benefits and education.