Williams-Sonoma, Inc. (WSI) is committed to environmental stewardship, specifically, with regard to responsible fiber procurement practices. WSI realizes this commitment by establishing guidelines for our supply chain partners that represent our company’s values and requirements for responsible fiber procurement.

WSI is committed to increasing the use of more responsibly grown, harvested, collected, and processed fibers by supporting initiatives that promote decent work and respect human rights, reduce the use of toxic chemicals found in fertilizers, pesticides, and defoliants, as well as dyestuffs and restricted substances throughout the fiber/fabric production cycle.

WSI is committed to not sourcing cotton grown with the use of child or forced labor.

WSI has implemented a Responsible Raw Material Standard for Textiles that guides our business in sourcing textile fibers from responsible and sustainable sources.

We will review and update our policy annually to ensure that it reflects changing circumstances, new knowledge and opportunities for WSI.

Vendor Requirements

WSI expects its existing and new Vendors/Suppliers to act in accordance with the standards set forth in this policy. Vendors’/Suppliers’ own procurement practices must comply with this policy in order to do business with WSI. Vendors/Suppliers must:

  • Accurately disclose fiber procurement practices;
  • Designate a person within the company responsible for compliance to implement and follow an internal procurement procedure to ensure that all fiber used in WSI products complies with the WSI policy;
  • Identify upstream suppliers within their supply chain and confirm that these suppliers adhere to WSI policy;
  • Make every effort to identify and disclose country of origin of fiber;
  • Ensure cotton sourced from Uzbekistan are only from Better Cotton or certified to GOTS or OCS;
  • Commit to monitoring and assessing forced labor risks in the supply chain and be fully compliant with WSI standards, specific laws and regulations concerning forced labor.

There are additional requirements for Vendors/Suppliers making Responsibly Sourced claims according to our Responsible Raw Material Standard for Textiles. Vendors/Suppliers making such claims must:

  • Meet certification or licensing requirements established by each organization;
  • Maintain certification and testing results continuously throughout production of WSI textile products requiring such certifications or licensing;
  • Provide WSI (or its agents) a copy of valid certificate or test report from appropriate certifying organization, including annual renewals.


To verify compliance of Vendors/Suppliers with these requirements, WSI may require independent, third-party verification.

Vendors/Suppliers must, upon request, provide documentation evidencing supply chain partners and/or specific fiber procurement transactions (i.e., transaction certificates). Vendors/Suppliers must:

  • Maintain accurate records of fiber procurement transactions intended for use in WSI textile products
  • Provide accurate summary reports on fiber procurement volumes (quantities)
  • Maintain all required documentation and records for a minimum of 24 months

Williams-Sonoma, Inc. is committed to an ongoing process of developing new and additional company-wide initiatives to protect our environment and promote social responsibility, and we intend to review and report on our progress to our stakeholders on an annual basis.

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