For the fourth consecutive year since its publication began in 2018, Williams-Sonoma, Inc. ranked among Barron’s 100 Most Sustainable U.S. Companies. This year we rose to #16 from #32, continuing our recognition as an industry leader in sustainability.

Our sustainability strategies deliver value and ROI for our brands, company, customers and the communities where we work, while also mitigating risk and identifying new business opportunities. Today, 30% of our cross-brand revenue comes from products certified by third-party environmental and social standards, with an additional 3.7% from our internally verified recycled declaration process. Within our operations, our efforts to reach 75% landfill diversion by 2021 have saved millions of dollars in recycling rebates. As we face unprecedented shifts in global climates and economies, sustainability is vital to driving long-term growth and resilience.

“At Williams-Sonoma, Inc., and across our brands, we are good by design – from managing resources responsibly, caring for our people and leading with our value. In a year marked by social, environmental and health crises on a scale not previously seen in our lifetime, these values are more important than ever.”

Laura Alber, CEO, Q3 2020 Earnings Call

Sound environmental practices can lower costs, improve health and provide customers with the quality, safety and sustainability they demand. As we meet ambitious ESG goals and set new ones, we’re going beyond our own operations to help customers and suppliers become more sustainable. Our customers values are ours, and they drive change whenever they purchase responsible products. We move forward hand-in-hand with them, putting people and planet first.

Image: West Elm Work