In 2020, we conducted a comprehensive Scope 3 assessment with third-party experts Anthesis, made our first public CDP Climate Disclosure submission, and Scored a B, higher than the averages for retail in North America and globally. In 2021, we expanded our Climate disclosure and submitted our first public CDP Forests Disclosure.

At Williams-Sonoma, Inc. (WSI) we understand that the planet needs urgent progress to combat the negative impacts of climate change. Greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) are increasingly the focus of public concern for the welfare of our environment. Reducing emissions by increasing efficiency provides us with significant cost savings (a competitive advantage) and supports our commitment to reducing our environmental impact.

Climate-related risks and opportunities have been ingrained in the way we do business for over a decade. While our revenues have increased, we’ve reduced our carbon intensity year-over-year since 2011. We’ll continue to publish future CDP Disclosures here.

As a multinational retailer with a global supply chain, we are committed to environmentally responsible practices across our business — from designing and sourcing responsible products and reducing waste to working with suppliers to lower emissions and adopt sustainable business practices. By managing resources responsibly, we increase our capacity to adapt to resource scarcity, geopolitical uncertainty, changing technologies and future environmental and social challenges. To learn more, see all of our CDP disclosures below:

2021 CDP Climate Disclosure

2021 CDP Forest Disclosure

2020 CDP Climate Disclosure