We are proud to announce the launch of our 2020 Impact Report. At Williams-Sonoma, Inc. our key differentiators are our in-house design, our digital-first strategy and our values. In a year of challenges and opportunities unearthed by a changing world, our decades-long foundation in values leadership set the foundation for resilience and agility that was required. In this year’s report, we continued our path of transparency, made significant progress to existing goals, and raised the bar for the future with new goals over the next decade.   

Some achievements highlighted in the report include:  

  • Exceeded 50% responsibly sourced wood goal one year early, reaching 65%
  • Met our goal to educate and empower 100K workers in our supply chain by 2020  
  • More than doubled $3M in Fair Trade Premiums goal by 2020 – reaching over $7M 
  • Doubled our giving to nearly $44M, driven by disaster response, our equity action plan and product donations  

This year has proven the importance of strong social and environmental goals, and this report kicks off ambitious new targets that will carry us through the next decade. Today, over 40% of our products are responsibly sourced. We’re doubling down on this leadership, and by 2030 at least 75% of our products will represent one or more of our environmental and social initiatives. Our goal is to offer the largest assortment of responsibly made products in the home furnishings industry. 

This year, we’ve also announced new goals focused on climate and energy and worker wellbeing: 

“Williams-Sonoma, Inc.’s decades-long foundation in values leadership and commitment to creating a company that is ‘Good By Design’ set a foundation for the resilience and agility that this past year required. Our company outperformed the industry in 2020, and we met and exceeded many of our sustainability goals, demonstrating that a strategic approach to ESG can deliver business, social, and environmental impact.”

Laura Alber, President and Chief Executive Officer

Together we’re creating a company that’s truly Good By Design.