Williams-Sonoma, Inc. today announced that it is one of 418 companies across 45 countries and regions to join the 2022 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI), a modified market capitalization-weighted index that aims to track the performance of public companies committed to transparency in gender-data reporting. This reference index measures gender equality across five pillars: female leadership & talent pipeline, equal pay & gender pay parity, inclusive culture, anti-sexual harassment policies, and pro-women brand.

“William-Sonoma, Inc. is committed to investing in equity in all forms, including gender,” said Laura Alber, President and CEO of Williams-Sonoma, Inc. “Investing in equity continues to be a priority for our business, our brand and our culture, which guides our actions and decisions to drive progress in the retail industry. We are honored to be included in the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index for the second year in a row and are inspired to build upon this continual progress in the years to come.”  

“We are proud to recognize Williams-Sonoma, Inc. and the other 417 companies included in the 2022 GEI for their commitment to transparency and setting a new standard in gender-related data reporting. Even though the threshold for inclusion in the GEI has risen, the member list continues to grow. This is a testament that more companies are working to improve upon their gender-related metrics, fostering more opportunity for diverse talent to succeed in their organizations.”

Peter T. Grauer, Chairman of Bloomberg and Founding Chairman of the U.S. 30% Club

William-Sonoma, Inc’s investment in equity extends to every aspect of the company’s business and has grown substantially highlighted by efforts that include:  

  • Meeting goal of educating and empowering 100,000 workers in the WSI supply chain through partnerships with HERproject™ and VisionSpring.
  • Conducting a pay equity study to follow through on commitment to equitable pay practices.
  • An increased utilization of their enhanced parental leave program, for both primary and secondary care givers. 

WSI submitted a social survey created by Bloomberg, in collaboration with subject matter experts globally. Those included on this year’s index scored at or above a global threshold established by Bloomberg to reflect disclosure and the achievement or adoption of best-in-class statistics and policies.

Both the survey and the GEI are voluntary and have no associated costs. Bloomberg collected this data for reference purposes only. The index is not ranked. While all public companies are encouraged to disclose supplemental gender data for their company’s investment profile on the Bloomberg Terminal®, those that have a market capitalization of USD 1 billion are eligible for inclusion in the Index.

For more information on the GEI and how to submit information for next year’s index visit: https://www.bloomberg.com/gei. Bloomberg clients can access the GEI at {BGEI Index DES <GO>}. For more information on Bloomberg’s sustainable finance solutions, including the GEI, please visit: https://www.bloomberg.com/professional/sustainable-finance/